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The reporter generates a wide variety of documents in different formats from ORT result files. Currently, the following formats are supported (reporter names are case-insensitive):

  • AsciiDoc Template (-f AsciiDocTemplate)
    • Customizable with Apache Freemarker templates and AsciiDoc
    • PDF style customizable with Asciidoctor PDF themes
    • Supports multiple AsciiDoc backends:
      • PDF (-f PdfTemplate)
      • HTML (-f HtmlTemplate)
      • DocBook (-f DocBookTemplate)
      • Man page (-f ManPageTemplate)
  • ctrlX AUTOMATION platform FOSS information (-f CtrlXAutomation)
  • CycloneDX BOM (-f CycloneDx)
  • FossID report download (HTML, SPDX, and Excel types)
  • GitLabLicenseModel (-f GitLabLicenseModel)
  • NOTICE file in two variants
    • List license texts and copyrights by package (-f PlainTextTemplate)
    • Summarize all license texts and copyrights (-f PlainTextTemplate -O
    • Customizable with Apache Freemarker templates
  • Opossum input that can be visualized and edited in the OpossumUI (-f Opossum)
  • SPDX Document, version 2.2 (-f SpdxDocument)
  • Static HTML (-f StaticHtml)
  • TrustSource JSON file (-f TrustSource)
    • Use this as an alternative to ts-scan for support of more build systems.
  • Web App (-f WebApp)
    • Also see the EvaluatedModelReporter (-f EvaluatedModel) which is the JSON / YAML format used by the Web App report that is also suitable for custom post-processing.