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Related Tools

ORT Config Repository

A repository with exemplary ORT configuration files.

ORT Server

The ORT Server is a scalable server implementation of ORT. It is designed to run inside a Kubernetes cluster and can be used via a REST API or a web frontend which is currently under development.

ORT Workbench

The ORT Workbench is an ORT result file viewer developed by the ORT core team. It can be used as an alternative to creating a report to review the ORT output.


ORT GitHub Action

A GitHub Action to run ORT for your GitHub repositories.

ORT GitLab Pipeline

A GitLab Pipeline to run ORT for your GitLab repositories.


A bash script that helps to simplify and speed up common tasks performed when processing ORT results.


OpossumUI is a desktop application that provides a compliance audit workflow. ORT can generate input files for OpossumUI using the "Opossum" reporter.